Notes on Politicians using Social Media

These notes will eventually form the basis of analysis of what each politician, and party, is doing right to reach out to the grassroots, and wherever there is room for improvement, there will be suggestions.

Khairy Jamaluddin (Maxed out Facebook account that he links to) 
Hosts videos on his own blog. Writes in a mash of BM and English. Follows a small amount of people on Twitter, and does do @replies from time to time. Would be smarter if he focuses on harnessing his Facebook page, rather than friends lists 

Najib Razak 
Does not follow anyone on Twitter. Uses it like his appointment book. 1malaysia site has three languages - BM, English, Mandarin. Flickr Pro account, but picture count is less than 200... Also favourites his videos on YouTube which is interesting/good. 

Jeff Ooi 
Jeff, is a Member of Parliament, largely popularised through his blog. He was campaigning before he knew it ;-) Good use of Twitter (does replies, has a good following and follows many). His mobile numbers are on his blog, he can be reached via Skype, he makes himself very accessible. He replies to comments on his blog. 

Another Anwar Ibrahim fan page 

Lim Kit Siang also has a Chinese language blog

Parties using SM
Parti Sosialis Malaysia - @partisosialis - used to broadcast party news, to party members

Its interesting, considering party publications (like The Rocket, Harakah, etc.) in print is officially only meant for party members. On the Internet, you don't need to worry about this sort of thing. Probably should collect all the political media that is available online, as well.

SM in the news

Tuesday June 16, 2009

MPs go head to head on Twitter

PETALING JAYA: When pandemonium broke out after newly sworn in Bukit Gantang MP Datuk Seri Mohammed Nizar Jamaluddin was kicked out of Parliament, three prominent politicians quickly reached for their handphones to tweet on the incident.

Veteran Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang and Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin crossed swords in Twitter-sphere, reporting “live” from Parliament yesterday. DAP’s Jeff Ooi, who is MP for Jelutong, followed suit.

“Childish, unproductive and a mockery of Parliament,” twittered Khairy.

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its subscribers to send and read each other’s updates, known as tweets.

Lim lambasted Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia for ordering Nizar out and questioned: “Speaker said where in nation’s history an MP taking oath shouted ‘Bubar Dun’; I asked where in nation’s history illegal power grab in Perak?”

Nizar, when contacted, said there were no grounds for the Speaker to suspend him and other Opposition MPs from Dewan Rakyat for wearing the “Bubar DUN” headbands inside the hall.

“I took my oath as an MP and I asked the Speaker’s permission to say something in Parliament. He told me to remove my headband, which I did. I sat in my seat for less than 10 seconds and he ejected me,” said the former Perak Mentri Besar, adding that their eviction was not specifically stated in the Standing Orders.